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Wooden Block Plane by Drunken Woodworker in woodworking


Picture of Wooden Block Plane

In this tutorial I break some rules and have fun making this block plane from coconut palm wood. This project is a lot easier than you may think and having a block plane for rounding over edges is easy and safe!

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

Picture of Cutting the Wood

First thing you need to do is cut the wood to width. 1/8″ wider than your plane blade should work.


Step 2: Cut the Sides

Picture of Cut the Sides

Now you’ll want to cut 2 3/16″ thin sides for your wooden block plane.

Step 3: Cut the Iron Angle

Picture of Cut the Iron Angle

Next you’ll cut the 45 degree angle on the iron (back side) of the wooden block plane.

Step 4: Cutting the Other Angle

Picture of Cutting the Other Angle

Now you’ll cut the 60 degree angle for the front side of the plane.

Step 5: Drilling the Holes

Picture of Drilling the Holes

Double up the two side pieces and drill the hole for the dowel. I’m using 5/16″ dowel.

Step 6: Getting Ready for Glue-up

Picture of Getting Ready for Glue-up

Get all the pieces lined up and ready for glue. Drop the blade in and move the front pieces until it touches the blade. Take out the blade and move the front piece in about an 1/8″. After glue-up we’ll file away to a perfect gap. See the video for details. Mark registration lines with a pencil.

Step 7: Glue Up the Block Plane

Picture of Glue Up the Block Plane

Now you can glue and clamp up the block plane assembly.

Step 8: Cutting the Shape

Picture of Cutting the Shape

Once the glue dries you can draw out your shape and cut it on the bandsaw. I’m using a typical Krenov style for my wood block plane.

Step 9: Final Shaping

Picture of Final Shaping

I like to finalize my shaping with the disc and spindle sanders.

Step 10: Cutting the Wedge

Picture of Cutting the Wedge

Now you’ll want to cut a wedge for the plane iron. Shape and size doesn’t matter too much as long as it can be wedged between the iron and the dowel.

Step 11: Open the Throat

Picture of Open the Throat

After everything is sanded and finished you can open up the throat with a file. Be sure to only file away enough material so the blade can slip through.

Step 12: You’re Done!

Picture of You're Done!
wood block plane-2.jpg
wood block plane-4.jpg

That’s it! Be sure to watch the video to see all the steps in action. Be safe, have fun and Make Something!